YearMonthDayEvent and video link
-753April21 Traditional date of the founding of Rome
-44March15 Assassination of Julius Caesar
-27January16 Octavian becomes Augustus, Roman Emperor
41January24 Emperor Caligula killed by the Praetorian Guard
54October13 Emperor Claudius dies in mysterious circumstances
70April14Titus begins the Siege of Jerusalem
79August24 Mount Vesuvius destroys Pompeii and Herculaneum
202October19 Roman Republic defeats Carthage at the Battle of Zama
404April25 Sparta defeats Athens in the Peloponnesian War
537December27 Hagia Sophia basilica inaugurated in modern Istanbul
622July16 Start date of the Islamic calendar
793June8 Viking raiders attack Lindisfarne in Northumbria
868May11 The world's earliest dated printed book created in China
927July12 Earliest foundation of England under ?thelstan
1002November13 St Brice’s Day Massacre
1066January5 Death of Edward the Confessor
1066January6 Harold Godwinson crowned king of England
1066October14 William of Normandy wins Battle of Hastings
1066September20 Harald Hardrada wins Battle of Fulford
1066December25 William the Conquerer crowned king of England
1095November27 Pope Urban II launches the First Crusade
1141April7 Matilda declared the 'Lady of England and Normandy'
1170December29 Thomas Becket murdered in Canterbury Cathedral
1187October2 Saladin captures Jerusalem
1190March16 The Jewish population of York massacred in a pogrom
1199May27 Coronation of King John in Westminster Abbey
1215June15 King John agrees to Magna Carta by adding his seal
1260May5 Kublai Khan declared Mongol Emperor
1287December14 St Lucia's Flood kills over 50,000 people in the Netherlands
1291May18 Siege of Acre signals ends of Crusader influence
1314March18 Execution of last Knights Templar Grand Master
1314June23 Scottish victory at the Battle of Bannockburn
1338September23 First naval battle with artillery takes place in the Hundred Years' War
1346August26 The longbow helps Edward III win the Battle of Cr?cy
1349January9 Jews massacred in Basel during the Black Death
1355February10 St Scholastica’s Day Riot began in Oxford between 'town and gown'
1374June24 24 June 1374
1410October9 The Prague Astronomical Clock first noted in a medieval document
1415October25 The Battle of Agincourt is fought
1429February12 Battle of the Herrings fought during the Hundred Years War
1431May30 Joan of Arc executed by burning at the stake
1453May29 The Fall of Constantinople
1455May22 Wars of the Roses begin at the Battle of St Albans
1455February23 Gutenberg Bible published (traditional date)
1472February20 Orkney and Shetland Isles given to Scotland by Norway as a wedding dowry
1478April26The Pazzi family launch their failed plot against the Medici family
1485August22 Richard III killed at the Battle of Bosworth
1492August3 Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain
1492April17 The Capitulations of Santa Fe grant Columbus funds for his voyage to the New World
1497September7 Perkin Warbeck claims he is English King Richard IV
1498April7 Savonarola meets to take part in a trial by fire
1501September13 Michelangelo begins work on his statue of David
1506April18Construction begins on St Peter's Basilica
1509April27 Pope Julius II excommunicates the entire Republic of Venice
1513September25 European 'discovery' of the Pacific Ocean
1516April23 The Reinheitsgebot beer purity law first introduced in Bavaria
1517October31 Martin Luther reputedly posts his 95 Theses
1520November8 Stockholm Bloodbath begins under Denmark's Christian II
1520November28 Magellan sails from the Atlantic to the Pacific
1521October11 Henry VIII becomes 'Defender of the Faith'
1525February28 Execution of Cuauht?moc, the last Aztec Emperor
1536May19 Execution of Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London
1540March23 Waltham Abbey last to be dissolved by Henry VIII
1553July10 Lady Jane Grey becomes queen of England
1555February4 John Rogers became the first martyr under 'Bloody' Mary I
1556March21 Thomas Cranmer executed for heresy
1556January23 Most destructive earthquake on record hits Shaanxi
1558November17 Queen Elizabeth I's reign begins
1561July12 The consecration of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow
1561April14 The Nuremberg Celestial Phenomenon
1567July29 James VI crowned King of Scotland aged 13 months
1569January11 First recorded lottery drawn in England under Elizabeth I
1582October4 Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII
1587February8 Mary, Queen of Scots beheaded
1587April29 Singeing the King of Spain's Beard
1590September27 Pope Urban VII, the shortest reigning Pope in history, dies
1602March20 The Dutch East India Company established
1604September1 The Adi Granth first installed at the Golden Temple
1605November5 Guy Fawkes discovered during Gunpowder Plot
1612August18 Trial of the Pendle Witches begins
1618May23 The Second Defenestration of Prague
1618October29 Sir Walter Raleigh beheaded for treason against James I in the Main Plot
1621April5 The Mayflower returns to England
1621March22 Hugo Grotius escapes prison by hiding in a book chest
1628June7 Petition of Right ratified by King Charles I
1633June22 Galileo forced to recant his belief in heliocentrism
1642January4 Charles I attempts to arrest the Five Members
1645June14 The Battle of Naseby fought in the English Civil War
1649January30 Charles I beheaded at Banqueting House
1660December8 First woman appears on a professional stage in England as Desdemona in Othello
1666September2 Great Fire of London breaks out in Pudding Lane
1669May31 the last entry in Samuel Pepys' diary
1671May9 Colonel Thomas Blood attempts to steal the Crown Jewels
1689February13 William and Mary become co-regents
1692March1 The first of the Salem 'witches' go on trial facing magistrates
1693August4 Dom P?rignon supposedly invents champagne
1698September5 Peter the Great imposes a tax on beards
1703May27 The foundation of St Petersburg by Tsar Peter the Great
1706July22 Terms of the Acts of Union 1707 agreed
1718November22 The pirate Blackbeard killed by sailors under Robert Maynard
1721March24 Bach dedicates the Brandenburg Concertos
1739October23 The War of Jenkins' Ear begins
1755April15 Dr Samuel Johnson's Dictionary published
1756June20 British prisoners locked in the 'Black Hole of Calcutta'
1764October15 Edward Gibbon first considers writing Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
1766March17 First Saint Patrick's Day parade
1767April9 John Hancock forcibly removes British customs officials from Lydia
1768December10 First edition of the Encyclop?dia Britannica published
1770April19 Captain Cook Sights Australia
1772January1 First travellers cheques put on sale
1773December16 The Boston Tea Party throws a shipment of tea overboard
1775April18 Paul Revere's Ride signals start of American Revolutionary War
1776May1 The forerunner of the Bavarian Illuminati founded
1777June14 Stars and Stripes adopted as the flag of the USA
1778February6 France and the US sign the first treaties that recognise American independence
1781November29 Over 132 slaves thrown from the 'Zong' ship
1783September3 Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolutionary War
1785January7 First aerial crossing of the English Channel
1786November30 Tuscany is the first modern state to abolish the death penalty
1787May13 The First Fleet departs for Australia
1789March4 US Constitution goes into effect as first Congress meets
1789September11 Alexander Hamilton appointed US Secretary of the Treasury
1789July14 Storming of the Bastille
1789June20 National Assembly swears the Tennis Court Oath
1789April28The crew of HMS Bounty launch a mutiny against Captain William Bligh
1791March2 Claude Chappe sends the first message by semaphore machine
1792August10 Tuileries Palace stormed and French monarchy suspended
1792October13 The cornerstone of the White House laid in Washington D.C.
1792April25 First execution carried out using the guillotine
1792July30 La Marseillaise first sung in Paris
1793September5 The Reign of Terror begins in France
1793July13 Jean-Paul Marat stabbed to death in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday
1793October16 The Execution of Marie Antoinette
1793January21 Louis XVI executed for high treason
1794May7 Robespierre establishes Cult of the Supreme Being
1795November2 The Directory established in France
1796May14 Edward Jenner vaccinates against smallpox
1797February22 The last invasion of Britain and the Battle of Fishguard
1799January9 Income tax introduced for the first time
1799December10 France adopts the metric system as the official system of weights and measures
1799July19 Discovery of the Rosetta Stone reported in Egypt
1803April30 United States doubles in size after Louisiana Purchase from France
1804December2 Napoleon crowns himelf Emperor of the French
1805October21 Admiral Nelson wins the Battle of Trafalgar
1807July20 The world's first internal combustion engine is patented in France
1810October12 First Oktoberfest held in Munich
1812June24 Napoleon begins his failed invasion of Russia
1814September14 USA's national anthem lyrics written
1814October17 The London Beer Flood kills 8 people
1815June9 The 'Final Act' of the Congress of Vienna signed
1815June18 Napoleon Bonaparte defeated at the Battle of Waterloo
1815February26 Napoleon escapes from exile on Elba
1819August16 Protesters killed in the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester
1822June6 William Beaumont first treats Alexis St Martin
1823December23 The Night Before Christmas first published
1826December24 The Eggnog Riot broke out at West Point Military Academy, New York
1829October8 Stephenson's Rocket wins the Rainhill Trials
1829September29 The Metropolitan Police begins operating in London
1830May3 First timetabled passenger railway begins service
1830September15 MP William Huskisson dies at the opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway
1830March26 The Book of Mormon first went on sale at E. B. Grandin’s book store
1834August1 Slavery Abolition Act comes in to force
1834July15 The Spanish Inquisition disbanded
1834March18 Tolpuddle Martyrs sentenced to transportation to Australia
1837June11 Broad Street Riot breaks out in Boston, MA
1839November4 The Newport Rising armed rebellion in south Wales
1839April19 The Treaty of London establishes an independent Belgium
1841March9 US Supreme court rules on the Amistad slave case
1842January13 The sole survivor of 4,500 British soldiers arrives at Jalalabad in Afghanistan
1843December19 A Christmas Carol first published
1846May12The Donner Party began their ill-fated journey to California
1846June16 Pope Pius IX begins the longest ever reign of a Catholic Pope
1848February21 The Communist Manifesto first published
1848February24 King Louis Philippe of France abdicates
1852February2 First modern public toilets open in London
1856January29 Victoria Cross introduced by Queen Victoria
1856March30 The Crimean War officially ends with the Treaty of Paris
1857March6 The US Supreme Court's ruling in the Dred Scott case
1857May10The start of the Indian Mutiny (First War of Indian Independence)
1858April10 The 'Big Ben' bell cast in Whitechapel
1858July28 First use of fingerprints as a means of identification
1859September17 Joshua Abraham Norton declares himself Norton I, Emperor of the United States
1859November24 Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species
1860November6 Abraham Lincoln elected 16 President of the USA
1860October26 Garibaldi hands southern Italy to Victor Emmanuel
1862July4 Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, first tells the story of Alice in Wonderland
1863November19 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address
1865April9 Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant
1865August12 Joseph Lister carries out world's first antiseptic surgery
1868November2 New Zealand becomes the first country to use standardised time
1868February24 US President Andrew Johnson impeached
1869March6 Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table
1870January3 Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began
1871November10 Henry Morton Stanley locates Dr David Livingstone
1871January18 Wilhelm I declared German Emperor
1871March28 Paris Commune meets for the first time
1872December4 Deserted American merchant ship Mary Celeste found drifting in the Atlantic Ocean
1873May20 Levi Strauss & Co. patents riveted blue jeans
1873November24 Joseph Glidden awarded a patent for modern barbed wire
1876March10 Alexander Graham Bell transmits speech using the telephone
1876June25 Battle of Little Bighorn & Custer's Last Stand
1877July9 First Wimbledon Championship begins in London
1877November21 Thomas Edison announces the phonograph
1879October7 Germany and Austria-Hungary form the Dual Alliance
1879September19 The Blackpool Illuminations turned on for the first time
1880June28 Australian outlaw Ned Kelly arrested following a violent shoot out
1881July2 President James A Garfield shot by Charles J Guiteau
1881March12 Andrew Watson becomes the world’s first black international football player
1881March13 Tsar Alexander II assassinated Saint Petersburg
1881July14 American outlaw Billy the Kid shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett
1882April3 Outlaw Jesse James shot by Robert Ford
1884April22Thomas Stevens begins the first round-the-world cycle ride
1885June17 Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbour from France
1885February18 Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" published in the United States.
1887May9 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Opens in London
1887June18 Germany and Russia sign the secret Reinsurance Treaty
1888September8 First ever Football League matches played in England
1890March4 Forth Bridge in Scotland opened by the future King Edward VII
1890March20 Wilhelm II formally accepts Bismarck's resignation
1890January25 Nellie Bly circumnavigates the world in 72 days
1892December18 Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker first performed
1893November28 New Zealand women vote for the first time
1894December22 Alfred Dreyfus found guilty of treason in France
1895January12 Foundation of the National Trust
1895October22 Granville-Paris express train crashes through a wall in Paris
1895March22 The Lumi?re brothers stage their first film screening in Paris
1895December28 Wilhelm R?ntgen publishes his discovery of X-rays
1896April6 The first modern Olympic Games take place
1897May26 Bram Stoker's gothic novel Dracula is published
1898December18 The world's first officially recognised land speed record is set
1900January23 British troops attack Spion Kop in the Second Boer War
1901December10 First Nobel Prizes awarded
1902May17 Identification of Ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism
1902April20Marie and Pierre Curie proved the existence of radium by isolating radium chloride
1903July1 First Tour de France cycling race takes place
1903October10 Foundation of Women's Social & Political Union
1903December17 Wright brothers make first aircraft flight
1904February8 Russo-Japanese War triggered by Japanese torpedo attack on Port Arthur
1904April8 France and Britain sign the Entente Cordiale
1904April8Times Square in New York given its name
1905January22 Bloody Sunday massacre in Saint Petersburg
1905June27 Russian sailors mutiny on the battleship Potemkin
1905March31 Kaiser Wilhelm II provokes the First Moroccan Crisis
1906February10 The launch of HMS Dreadnought
1906April27 The Russian Empire's State Duma meets for the first time
1908September27 First Model T Ford produced in Detroit
1910December3 First neon light used at the Paris Motor Show
1910March8 First woman awarded a pilot's license
1911November1 First ever aerial bombing takes place in the Italo-Turkish War
1911December14 Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole
1911August21 The Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre
1911October23 Italian Carlo Piazza pilots the first aircraft in war
1911July24 Machu Picchu 'rediscovered' by US explorer Hiram Bingham III
1912May5 Russian Communist newspaper Pravda first published
1913June4 Suffragette Emily Davison hit by a racehorse at Epsom Derby
1913December21 First modern crossword puzzle printed
1914December16 German Navy attack Scarborough
1914July23 Austria-Hungary presents its ultimatum to Serbia
1914June28 Trigger and end of the First World War
1915May3 John McCrae writes the war poem 'In Flanders Fields'
1915May7 RMS Lusitania sunk by the German U-Boat, U-20
1915January19 Zeppelins bomb Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn
1915September21 Cecil Chubb buys Stonehenge at auction, becoming its last private owner
1915April22 Chlorine gas attack marks start of 2 Battle of Ypres
1915May23 Italy enters WW1 on the side of the Triple Entente
1916June10 Battle of Mecca starts the full Arab Revolt
1916November18 Battle of the Somme ends
1916April24 Ernest Shackleton begins rescue attempt in the James Caird
1916April24The Easter Rising begins in Dublin
1917April6 The USA declares war on Germany in WW1
1917November7 The Bolshevik Revolution erupts in Russia
1917April12The Canadian Corps successfully capture Vimy Ridge
1917November15 Clemenceau appointed Prime Minister of France during the First World War
1917April16Lenin arrives back in Russia in the sealed train after a decade in exile
1917January19 73 people killed in the Silvertown munitions factory explosion in London
1917December20 Cheka established by the Bolsheviks
1918March3 Russia and Central Powers sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
1918October3 Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria comes to the throne
1918February6 Women secure the right to vote in the Representation of the People Act
1918January8 Woodrow Wilson announces the Fourteen Points
1918March11 First confirmed case of 'Spanish Flu'
1918November11 The Armistice of Compiegne is signed, ending WW1
1918July17 Romanov family shot dead by the Bosheviks
1918April21 Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shot down and killed
1918August30 Lenin shot in a failed assassination attempt
1919August11 Weimar Republic established after constitution signed
1919September12 Hitler joins the German Workers Party
1919April13 British troops commit the Amritsar Massacre
1919January15 Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg killed by Freikorps
1919January15 Great Molasses Flood kills 21 people in Boston
1919May19 The Turkish War of Independence begins
1919June21 The German fleet is scuttled at Scapa Flow
1920June4 Treaty of Trianon signed with Hungary after the First World War
1920January10 League of Nations officially founded
1922April16 The Treaty of Rapallo signed by Russia and Germany
1922October18 British Broadcasting Company established
1922November26 Tutankhamun's tomb entered by Howard Carter
1922December30 Foundation of the USSR
1922October31 The cabinet of Benito Mussolini formally comes to power
1923November8 The Beer Hall Putsch begins in Munich
1923January11 French and Belgian troops occupy the Ruhr
1923October15 Rentenmark introduced in Weimar Germany
1923February16 Howard Carter unseals Tutankhamun's burial chamber
1923September26 Weimar Germany ends the strikes in the Ruhr
1923April28 The opening of Wembley Stadium and the White Horse Final
1924April1 Hitler found guilty of treason for the Beer Hall Putsch
1924February5 The BBC 'pips' first broadcast
1924June10 Matteotti kidnapped and murdered by Italian Fascists
1924February12 First performance of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
1924December20 Adolf Hitler released from Landsberg Prison
1925February2 Great Race of Mercy diptheria antitoxin dogsled relay
1925April4 Adolf Hitler orders the establishment of the SS
1925July18 Hitler publishes first volume of Mein Kampf
1927November12 Leon Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party
1927May21 First solo transatlantic flights
1927July24 Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing is unveiled
1928October1 USSR introduces first five-year plan
1928July7 Sliced bread goes on sale for the first time
1928May15 Mickey Mouse's first cartoon appearance
1928August27 The Kellogg-Briand Pact is signed
1928September28 Penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming
1929February14 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
1929October24 Wall Street Crash begins on Black Thursday
1930March12 Gandhi begins the Salt March to Dandi
1930February18 Elm Farm Ollie becomes the first cow to fly
1931September18 Manchurian Crisis begins after Japanese bomb
1932May4 Al Capone imprisoned for income tax evasion
1932July8 Dow Jones falls to its lowest point in the Great Depression
1933December15 21 Amendment ends prohibition in the USA
1933October17 Albert Einstein moves to the USA after Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
1933February27 Arson attack causes the Reichstag Fire
1934August2 Hitler becomes F?hrer following Hindenburg's death
1934December5 Wal-Wal Incident between Italy and Abyssinia
1934June30 Nazi party purged on Night of the Long Knives
1935December12 Nazis introduce Lebensborn programme
1935January13 Saar votes to reunite with Germany
1935September15 'Nuremberg Laws' introduced in Germany
1935October19 League of Nations imposes sanctions on Italy
1935October20 Mao's Red Army finishes the Long March
1935February26 Hitler formally establishes the Luftwaffe
1935December31 Monopoly board game patented
1936October5 The Jarrow March departs for London
1936March7 Remilitarisation of the Rhineland by the German Army
1936December11 Abdication of King Edward VIII
1936November25 Anti-Comintern Pact signed by Germany and Japan
1936July26 Germany and Italy agree to support Franco
1937May6 The Hindenburg airship disaster in New Jersey
1937December13 The Nanking Massacre begins
1937February16 Wallace Carothers receives a patent for nylon
1937September21 The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein is first published
1937April26 The Bombing of Guernica
1937June30 World's first emergency telephone number began operation
1938July3 Mallard sets the world speed record for steam locomotive
1938September29 Munich Agreement annexes Sudetenland
1938October30 War of the Worlds by Orson Welles is broadcast
1939March30 Batman's debut in Detective Comics #27
1939April1 Francisco Franco announces the end of the Spanish Civil War
1939August23 Nazi-Soviet Pact signed by Molotov and Ribbentrop
1939September1 Nazi Germany invades Poland
1939September3 Second War War begins
1940September7 The Nazi German Luftwaffe launches The Blitz
1940July10 The Vichy government established in France
1940May15 The world's first McDonald’s restaurant opened in California
1940October25 Benjamin O. Davis Sr. becomes first African-American general in the US military
1940February29 First African-American to win an Oscar
1941December7 Attack on Pearl Harbour
1941May10 Rudolf Hess secretly flies to Scotland to seek peace
1941August15 The last execution takes place at the Tower of London
1942January1 Declaration by the United Nations agreed
1942May8The Battle of the Coral Sea ended
1942June12 Anne Frank receives a diary for her 13 birthday
1942January20 Nazi leaders meet at the Wannsee Conference
1942July27 Allies halt the Axis advance in the First Battle of El Alamein
1942March28 Operation Chariot and the St. Nazaire raid by British forces in WW2
1942January29 Desert Island Discs first broadcast by the BBC
1943January14 Churchill and Roosevelt meet in Casablanca
1943May17 RAF No. 617 Squadron carries out the 'Dambusters' raid
1943February22 Trial and execution of White Rose members
1944August4 First Allied jet fighter destroys a Nazi V-1 flying bomb
1944June6 D-Day landings mark the start of Operation Overlord
1944June13 First V-1 'Doodlebug' flying bomb attack on London
1944January17 Allies launch the Battle of Monte Cassino during the Second World War
1944August25 The Allies liberate Paris from Nazi control
1945May2The Battle of Berlin ends with the German surrender to the USSR
1945February4 Yalta Conference begins
1945August6 The USA drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima
1945May8 Victory in Europe Day
1945April12 Harry Truman Becomes President of the USA
1945July16 USA tests the first ever nuclear bomb
1945November16 Foundation of UNESCO
1945November20 First Nuremberg Trial begins
1945March26 Battle of Iwo Jima officially ends
1945January27 Auschwitz-Birkenau liberated by Soviet forces
1946June2 Italians vote to turn their country into a republic
1946March5 Winston Churchill makes his 'Iron Curtain' speech in Fulton
1946September24 The Policy of 'Containment' first suggested in a US report
1947July6 The Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle goes into production
1947July8 Roswell Army Air Base reports 'flying disc' debris
1947September9 Moth 'bug' discovered inside a Harvard computer
1947January25 Patent for the first interactive electronic game filed
1948July5 National Health Service launched in the UK
1948June22 MV Empire Windrush arrives at Tilbury Docks in London
1949October1 Mao Zedong declares the establishment of the People's Republic of China
1949October7 East Germany founded in the Soviet zone
1949May12 Stalin lifts the Berlin Blockade
1949August29 USSR conducts its first atomic bomb test
1950July4 Radio Free Europe broadcasts for the first time
1950March8 VW Transporter (aka 'camper' / 'bus') begins production
1950April11 Stone of Scone rediscovered 4 months after its disappearance
1950May13 First Formula One World Championship Grand Prix race at Silverstone
1950March14 FBI launches its 'Ten Most Wanted' list
1952May1 Mr Potato Head goes on sale for the first time
1952May2 First ever passenger jet plane takes off from London
1953May29 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquer Mount Everest
1954December2 US Senator Joseph McCarthy censured by the Senate
1955December1 Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat
1955December24 NORAD tracks Santa for the first time
1956December4 Million Dollar Quartet record at Sun Studios
1956December6 USSR and Hungary 'Blood in the Water' Olympic match
1956September9 When Elvis first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show
1956May24 1 Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Switzerland
1956February25 Khruschev criticises Stalin in his 'secret speech'
1956September25 Inauguration TAT-1, the first transatlantic telephone cable
1956October29 Israel invades Egypt in the Suez Crisis
1957November3 Laika the dog becomes the first animal in orbit
1957September4 Black students denied entry to Little Rock High School
1957July6 Lennon and McCartney meet for the first time
1957March25 Treaty of Rome establishes the EEC
1958February6 Munich air disaster kills Manchester Utd players
1958March14 Perry Como awarded the first gold record by the RIAA
1958June16 Execution of Hungarian Communist leader Imre Nagy
1959February3 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper plane crash (Day The Music Died)
1959February20 Jimi Hendrix plays his first gig
1960November14 Ruby Bridges, the first African-American to desegregate an elementary school
1960October27 Ben E. King records Stand By Me
1961January3 USA cuts diplomatic relations with Cuba
1961April11 The trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Israel
1961August13 Construction begins on the Berlin Wall
1961April17 The Bay of Pigs invasion launched by Brigade 2506
1961May25 Kennedy announces plan for manned moon landing
1962June2 Chile and Italy meet in football's violent 'Battle of Santiago'
1962August5 Nelson Mandela arrested and jailed
1962July11 World's first satellite TV broadcast using Telstar
1962March19 Bob Dylan releases his eponymous debut album
1962October28 End of the Cuban Missile Crisis
1963August8 The Great Train Robbery takes place
1963December12 Kenya gains independence from the United Kingdom
1963November22 Assassination of John F. Kennedy
1963November23 First episode of Doctor Who broadcast
1963June26 JFK declares 'Ich bin ein Berliner'
1963March27 Dr Beeching publishes his first British Rail report
1963August28 Martin Luther King Jr. declares 'I Have a Dream'
1963April30The Bristol Bus Boycott against discriminatory recruitment begins
1964July2 Civil Rights Act signed into law by Lyndon B Johnson
1964February7 The Beatles' first visit to the USA
1964August7 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed by US Congress
1965March2 USA launches Operation Rolling Thunder in Vietnam
1965December9 Charlie Brown Christmas first broadcast
1965April20 Skylight windows of the Houston Astrodome painted
1965July25 Bob Dylan goes electric at the Newport Folk Festival
1966May16 Start of the Cultural Revolution in China
1966February17 The Beach Boys start recording Good Vibrations
1966October21 144 people killed in the Aberfan disaster
1967June1 The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1967June5 Start of the Arab-Israeli Six Day War
1967October9 Ernesto 'Che' Guevara executed in Bolivia
1967January27 The Outer Space Treaty that is the basis for all space laws opened for signatures
1967September30 BBC Radio 1 begins broadcasting
1968February1 Viet Cong Captain Bảy Lốp executed by General Loan
1968April4 Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr
1968January5 Prague Spring begins in Czechoslovakia
1968March16 My Lai Massacre committed by US troops
1968August20 Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia to end the Prague Spring
1969February9 First test flight of Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet'
1969November10 Sesame Street first broadcast
1969July20 Apollo 11 lands on the moon
1969November20 Native Americans begin their occupation of Alcatraz Island
1970May4Ohio National Guardsmen shoot Kent State students
1970April13 Explosion on Apollo 13
1970September19 First Glastonbury Festival takes place
1970July21 Construction of Egypt’s Aswan High Dam is completed
1970July31 Black Tot Day ends the Royal Navy's daily rum ration
1971April10US table tennis team ushers in ping pong diplomacy
1971February15 The UK and Ireland decimalise their currency
1972September6 Olympic athletes killed in the Munich massacre
1972June8 Photo taken of a Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack
1972May21 Laszlo Toth attacks Michelangelo's Piet? with a hammer
1972December28 Kim Il-sung becomes President of North Korea
1973December26 The Exorcist released in cinemas
1973March29 Final US troops withdraw from Vietnam
1974August9 Richard Nixon resigns as President of the USA
1974September23 BBC launches the Ceefax teletext service
1974June26 World's first barcode scanned on a pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum
1975November6 Sex Pistols play their first gig
1975October11 Saturday Night Live is broadcast for the first time
1975April29 US evacuation of Saigon in Operation Frequent Wind
1976July18 Nadia Comăneci scores the first ever Olympic gymnastic 'perfect 10'
1976November26 Sex Pistols release the punk single 'Anarchy in the UK'
1977May25 Star Wars is first released in cinemas
1978September11 Last ever death from smallpox in Birmingham, UK
1978September16 Filming begins on Monty Python's Life of Brian
1978September17 Egypt and Israel sign Camp David Accords
1978June19 Garfield cartoon strip first published
1979November4 The Iran hostage crisis begins
1979January7 Cambodian leader Pol Pot overthrown
1979February11 Iranian Revolution overthrows the Shah
1980December8 John Lennon murdered by Mark David Chapman
1980August14 Lech Wałęsa leads Gdańsk shipyard workers on strike
1980September22 Iraq-Iran war begins
1981January2 Peter Sutcliffe, "The Yorkshire Ripper" arrested
1981October6 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat assassinated
1981May31 Jaffna Public Library in Sri Lanka burnt down
1982April2 Falklands War begins with Argentine invasion
1982August17 The first commercial CD is produced in Germany
1982November30 Michael Jackson releases the album Thriller
1983May6The Hitler Diaries proven to be forgeries
1983January21 First DeLorean sports car produced
1983January31 It became compulsory for UK drivers to wear a seat belt
1985July13 Live Aid is watched by 1.9 billion people
1985September13 Super Mario Bros. video game released
1985February19 BBC broadcasts first episode of EastEnders
1985April23 Introduction of 'New Coke' is a marketing disaster
1986January28 The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
1987June12 Ronald Reagan calls on Mikhail Gorbachev to 'Tear down this wall!'
1987November18 Kings Cross St Pancras fire on the London Underground
1987May28 West German amateur pilot lands a private plane near Red Square in Moscow
1988October27 Ronald Reagan halts construction of the Moscow embassy
1989June3 Start of the Tiananmen Square massacre
1989November9 East Germany opens the Berlin Wall
1989September10 Hungary allows East Germans into Austria
1989April15 96 Liverpool fans killed in the Hillsborough Disaster
1989December22 Overthrow of Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania
1989March24 Start of the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster in Alaska’s Prince William Sound
1990October3 East and West Germany reunited
1990November12 World Wide Web first proposed
1990February14 Voyager 1 creates the Pale Blue Dot photograph of Earth
1990November14 Margaret Thatcher faces leadership challenge
1990November16 Milli Vanilli stripped of their Grammy Award for not singing on their album
1990January31 First McDonald's opens in the USSR
1991January17 Gulf War combat phase begins with Operation Desert Storm
1991August19 Gorbachev placed under house arrest in the August Coup
1991December26 The USSR formally dissolved
1992July22 Pablo Escobar escapes from the luxury La Catedral prison
1993February28 Beginning of the Waco siege of the Branch Davidian Church in Texas
1993December30 Israel and the Vatican City begin diplomatic relations
1997May11 Deep Blue chess computer beats Garry Kasparov
1998January26 Bill Clinton denies 'sexual relations with that woman'
2000March10 The NASDAQ index peaks at the height of the dot-com bubble
2008June29 Apple release the iPhone
2015October21 Marty McFly goes 'Back To The Future'

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