Wernher von Braun initially developed rockets for the United States Army, but was later made director of the Marshall Space Flight Center where he oversaw the design of the Saturn V rocket that launched the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.

Having opened on 16 June 1884, passengers paid 5 cents to ride the Switchback Railways and achieved speeds of up to 6 miles per hour.

Alcoholics Anonymous, which operates through local groups that follow a 12-step rehabilitation program to help people overcome alcoholism, is now estimated have around two million members worldwide.

The missile was fired from the deck of the submarine USS Barbero towards the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Mayport, Florida, and completed its 700-mile flight in just 22 minutes.

The Marshall Plan provided aid to 16 Western European nations, distributing more than $13 billion of aid over a four year period.

The camels proved themselves to be both fast and strong, easily outperforming the horses and mules that the Army had used up until that point.

As a Supreme Court Justice, Brandeis wrote opinions in favor of individual liberty and freedom of speech, while protecting citizens’ right to privacy.