An estimated 50,000 hopeful settlers gathered along the borders of the Oklahoma Territory prior to the gunshot that gave the signal for them to chaotically race into the territory on foot, horseback, and in wagons to stake their claims.

The sensational defection of Stalin’s only surviving child made international news and four days later, at a press conference in the Plaza Hotel, she denounced the Soviet Communist regime and her father’s leadership.

Whether Revere referred to the approaching army as ‘regulars’ or ‘Redcoats’ is unclear, but his cry had the intended consequence of signalling the march of troops towards the Massachusetts village of Concord.

This surge in immigration was primarily driven by economic opportunities in the United States, which was at the height of the industrial revolution. This combined with a desire among some to escape growing political instability in Europe, while ethnic and religious violence led Jews from the Russian Empire in particular to seek a new life elsewhere.

The Black Sunday dust storm brought a massive wall of dust estimated to be over 2 miles high that engulfed entire communities in darkness and choking dust, reducing visibility to just a few feet.

After suffering significant damage during the battle from more than 3,000 artillery rounds over 34 hours, at 2:30 p.m the following day Major Anderson and his men formally surrendered, and the Confederate forces took control of Fort Sumter.