John Bellingham fired a single shot from a pistol, fatally wounding prime minister Spencer Perceval in the chest. Perceval collapsed immediately, and despite efforts to save him, he died shortly afterward.

The construction of the railway presented numerous engineering challenges including the need to tunnel under the River Thames, but it was achieved using the ‘Greathead Shield’ which allowed workers to dig and line the tunnel simultaneously.

RAF Flight Officer T. D. Dean became the first Allied jet pilot to achieve a combat victory when he ‘tipped’ a Nazi German V-1 ‘doodlebug’ flying bomb with his Gloster Meteor jet fighter.

Pepys had begun writing his diary in January 1660. Since being published in 1825 it has become an important source for historians studying the period of the Restoration. He stopped writing due to a fear that constant writing by candlelight was damaging his eyesight.