Essential services such as transportation, utilities, and communication networks were severely disrupted by the General Strike and the Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, was forced to declare a state of emergency and mobilise troops to maintain order and provide essential services.

The heist was masterminded by James Honeyman and James Murray entered the bank late at night on 19 March where they raided the vault and safe deposit boxes. Together they left with approximately $245,000 in bank notes and coins, which is the equivalent of more than $50 million today.

The publication of “The Wealth of Nations” had a profound impact on economic thought and policy, laying the foundation for classical economics and providing justification for the rise of free-market capitalism.

The bank played a pivotal role in stabilizing the nation’s finances in the early years of new republic, contributing to the establishment of credit that laid the groundwork for a more organized and sophisticated financial system.