The Jay Treaty, named after John Jay, the chief negotiator on behalf of the United States, sought to resolve several key disputes in the aftermath of the American Revolutionary War and the subsequent Treaty of Paris in 1783.

On February 28, 1849, SS California steamed into San Francisco carrying around 400 passengers seeking their fortune. The city’s population, which had been around a thousand in 1848, skyrocketed to tens of thousands within a year.

On February 4, 1915, Admiral Hugo von Pohl of the German High Seas Fleet warned that ‘every enemy merchant vessel’ in British waters would be targeted and that ‘it may not always be possible to prevent attacks on enemy ships from harming neutral ships’.

Referred to by Wilson as a ‘pocket symphony’, the modular process used for ‘Good Vibrations’ involved the recording and re-recording of individual sections of the song using the Wall of Sound formula that had been developed by record producer Phil Spector.