In what Kenneth Arnold later complained was an ‘historic misquote’, the press coined the now-ubiquitous phrase ‘flying saucers’ to describe the UFOs.

By the time the armistice was signed on 27 July, the money for Operation Moolah was still untouched as no pilot had brought their MiG-15 to South Korea.

On the 2nd March 1965 the United States military, alongside the Republic of Vietnam Air Force, began Operation Rolling Thunder as part of the Vietnam War.

On the 6th February 1958, British European Airways flight 609 crashed at Munich-Riem Airport while carrying the Manchester United football team, supporters and journalists.

The four-man crew boarded a Ford Trimotor airplane, and at 1am on 29 November reached the South Pole where they flew beyond and to the left and right in case of any navigational errors.