Despite being driven north towards Ravenna by Emperor Justinian’s forces, the Ostrogoths were determined to reclaim Rome and reassert their dominance over Italy.

The massacre at Vassy exacerbated religious tensions that had been simmering for years, serving as a rallying cry for both Catholics and Protestants, each side seeing the incident as justification for their cause. Within just a few weeks of the massacre, violence erupted across the country.

The Jay Treaty, named after John Jay, the chief negotiator on behalf of the United States, sought to resolve several key disputes in the aftermath of the American Revolutionary War and the subsequent Treaty of Paris in 1783.

On February 28, 1849, SS California steamed into San Francisco carrying around 400 passengers seeking their fortune. The city’s population, which had been around a thousand in 1848, skyrocketed to tens of thousands within a year.

Hitler announced that the DAP had officially become the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), known colloquially as the Nazi Party. Alongside the name change, he also introduced the 25 Point Programme, a set of ideological principles outlining the party’s objectives.