www.HistoryPod.net is the home of the History Pod daily podcast. The website and podcast have been created to present detailed yet concise accounts of a key event from each day in history.

History Pod is written and presented by an experienced History teacher and graduate of the University of Cambridge who also runs an award winning educational website.  His work has been featured in the national press, and he has made a number of television and radio appearances discussing different aspects of History.

There is no formula to determine which event will be featured each day. The only requirement is that each entry should be interesting or significant in some way or another. Therefore events might veer from medieval religion to 20th century economics, from the Wild West to the Space Race, and from Ancient Rome to the Victorian England. If there is a particular historical anniversary that you would like to suggest for inclusion, please contact us.

Each event is thoroughly researched in order to ensure factual accuracy. Where appropriate we will also seek to address common misconceptions or urban myths. However, we recognise that despite our best endeavours some errors may still slip through.  If you spot any inaccuracies, please get in touch.

If you enjoy the daily podcast, please consider supporting it. Details of the ways you can do this are available on the Support HistoryPod page of this website.

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3 comments on “About

  1. Steve LaBeau Feb 27, 2016


    History Pod caught my interest! Did you know The Associated Press keeps an online audio archive containing over two million cuts featuring iconic historic events, newsmaker interviews, celebrity interviews, and more? We literally have just about everything dating back to the beginning of the microphone. Could something like this be of interest for your show?

    Happy to explain the service further via phone.

    Steve LaBeau
    Associated Press

  2. Kevin Roe Mar 3, 2016

    My son and I love your podcasts. We listen every morning on his drive to school. Thank you for all you do, Martin.