On the 6th November 1975, the Sex Pistols played their first gig at St. Martin’s College of Art in London. Supporting pub rock band Bazooka Joe, they played a few cover songs on equipment borrowed from the headliners, but the plug was pulled after twenty minutes. Bazooka Joe failed to find commercial success, but the Sex Pistols went on to become one of the most influential bands in rock music.

The Sex Pistols had developed from a band called The Strand, who had been managed by Malcolm McClaren. After returning to the UK after a period working with the New York Dolls, McLaren developed the image for a new line-up which added bass guitarist Glen Matlock and singer Johnny Rotten to the band.

The St. Martin’s College gig itself was arranged by Matlock who was studying there. After the plug was pulled on the band after just five songs, a short fist fight broke out. Hazy memories of people who were there at the time mean that there are difference recollections over who exactly chose to end the set. However, everyone agrees that the Sex Pistols’ performance was not very polished but incredibly loud.

The bassist with Bazooka Joe, Stuart Goddard, was the only member of the band to be impressed by the Sex Pistols. Energised by the rawness of the punk sound and image, he soon quit the band and formed a new group under his new stage name of Adam Ant. Daniel Kleinman, another member of Bazooka Joe, is now better known for designing seven of last eight James Bond title credits.

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