At 4.29pm on the 21st October 2015, Marty McFly arrives from 1985 in a flying DeLorean car. Yes – today is the actual, 100% official, Back To The Future Day. Numerous false viral images over the past few years may have reduced its impact, but for those of us who grew up with the films and continue to love their time-scrambling storyline, today is a pretty big thing.

A recent commercial for Toyota sees original actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunite for a short conversation in which they discuss how accurate Back To The Future II’s predictions for 2015 really were. They identify the existence of 3D movies and fingerprint technology, but the reason for Toyota’s involvement is their new Mirai car which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell – the same technology used to power Doc Brown’s time machine.

The movie magazine TotalFilm is generally held as being responsible for the original date hoax, when they published a tweet on the 5th July 2010 suggesting that it was Back To The Future Day. As they explain on their website, this was because that date is mentioned in the film – but the characters never actually go there. TotalFilm even Photoshopped an image of the DeLorean’s time circuits showing the false date, and tweeted a tongue-in-cheek comment as ‘proof’ that it was true. Their tweet even stated that they “totally didn’t Photoshop” the image. Which, as any student of sarcasm knows, is them admitting that they did.

However, the internet being a hotbed of people willing to take information out of context, the image began circulating without the explanatory text from TotalFilm in what they describe as “a Twitter version of Chinese whispers”. It was even retweeted by the film’s producers. The image continued to be Photoshopped by others over the next few years, each time going viral and spreading the hoax even further.

But today it’s real. Check the film if you don’t believe me. At 4.29pm on 21st October 2015 you can expect Doc, Marty and Jennifer to appear in stormy skies above Hill Valley in California. Except that even in 2015 Hill Valley doesn’t actually exist.

See a clip from the original Back To The Future II below.

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